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Escorts in London's wet hair brushes over his shut eyelids and lays on his cheek. He inhales her in. She resembles the affection offspring of the candyman and the flower specialist, all lolly-sweet and botanical on the double. She's in comfortable garments - her shirt tight against those stunning tits and free trackies that shroud those great thighs that she had clipped against him. He grins to see she's wearing her adorable ugg boots once more. His cock is so difficult. 
He slides his hand down to rest in the little of her back and pulls her closer. Escorts in London knows there's nothing else she can do now. She's so enthralled by Chris, there's just a single life. She kisses his neck, licks his ear cartilage and slides her fingertips into his hair, sending shudders down his spine. 
"Fuck me Chris," she whispers. "Fuck me once more." 
Chris is eager for his Escorts in London. He hunt down her lips, delicate, smooth, full, with a sheen like the skin of a cherry. He squeezes his delicate lips against hers and feels her grip relax in his arms. They are lost in their unending kiss. 
Escorts in London swings a long leg over Chris to straddle him. She can feel his brilliant cock squeezing hard against her pubic hill, sending her into a bewildering furor of enthusiasm. They kiss ravenously and their hands clear over every others bodies, looking for the skin under the garments, needing to press up against each other to feel nearer still. Escorts in London slips her shirt off, uncovering her model-like décolletage. Chris slides his fingers under her bra straps and slips it off her shoulders, taking Escorts in London's swollen tits in the palms of his hands. On the off chance that he's happy to the point bursting, she's in paradise. Her pussy is so wet as longing fills her chest. 
Chris can't trust this excellence sitting on the back of him. He feels the squeeze of her fingers fixing the catches on his top and the constrain with which she pulls it over his take and off. He detects this will be the best quick fuck of his life. His hard cock is precum prepared for her sweet pussy. Escorts in London removes Chris' jeans with as much compel as she did his top. She needs to see him bare once more, he's so fucking hot. She runs her hands down the back of his calves. Bicycle riding calves, she considers. She slips off her ugg boots and slides her jeans and underwear off. Bare before him again in all her magnificence. 
"Do you mind," Chris begins, somewhat humiliated. "Do you mind on the off chance that you put your ugg boots on? I'd truly love to fuck you in your ugg boots." Escorts in London grins extensively. He is so lovely. She rapidly goes along, all of a sudden feeling provocative in her boots. She bows down before Chris, with her hands on his knees, sliding them along his thighs to his huge hard cock. She will put her cherry mouth on my cock, Chris considers. Mmmm. Cherry pie. Escorts in London slides her mouth over his wonderful cock and licks and sucks with an enthusiasm she's never experienced. She slides her tongue over the plump place close to his rear-end. She puts a finger in her mouth and gradually sucks it, pulling back it wet. Escorts in London slides her wet finger over Chris' cock, over his fragile living creature and gradually into his rear-end. Only a little at to start with, reacting to his groans, and afterward more profound. She utilizes her free hand to stroke his fragile living creature and her mouth to suck his cock. He's inclination three unique sensations. Presently they're both in paradise.